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DWeb Camp is back in 2022!
Aug. 24-28, Navarro, CA. Join us!
Webinar recording: "Goodbye Facebook. Hello Decentralized Social Media?"

DWeb connects the people, projects and protocols essential to building a decentralized web. A web that is more private, reliable, secure and open. A web with many winners—returning to the original vision of the World Wide Web and internet.

Since 2016 we have been a bridge enabling diverse communities to freely exchange ideas about the technologies, values, markets and agreements we need to move forward.

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Our DWeb network has Nodes, or DWeb Meetup groups, based in cities around the world. These Nodes organize local events for people to meet others, exchange knowledge, and deepen connections across the Dweb community.
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Ready for DWeb Camp 2022?

In 2019, more than 450 builders and dreamers from around the globe gathered on a farm on the coast of California for the first DWeb Camp. Together we built bridges and community, while hacking, hiking to the beach, conversing around campfires and building a better society beneath the stars.

Stay tuned — when the COVID is licked, we will organize our next DWeb Camp, hopefully in 2022.

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4 Aug
THU, 08:00
San Francisco:
DWeb August Meetup: Come learn about projects, workshops and presentations you’ll meet at Camp
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