Our growing list of DWeb Resources

There is much work to be done to build a decentralized web. We are committed to sharing knowledge and resources to enable anyone to jump in and get involved. Here is an ever-growing list of resources to help you along the way. If you have a resource to share, please email us at dweb [at] archive.org.

Starting out

Illustrated Quick-start intro to wireframing
This 90-minute boot camp by Simply Secure will help you consider the user experience before you build any website or tool.

Workshop Trailer: Distributed Web of Care by Artist, Taeyoon Choi who simulates the P-2-P nature of the Decentralized Web in this interactive exercise

Workshop Trailer & Internet as a City Workshop by Agnes Cameron & Gary Zhang
In this hands-on workshop, you’ll examine decentralized forms of networking through the lenses of cities, urbanism, and architecture.

Workshop Trailer & Workshop Prototyping the Decentralized Web with Browser Extensions by Omayeli Arenyeka & Andres Cuervo
This workshop explores building browser extensions as an exercise in speculating about a better web. It allows non-technical people to play with data ownership and other core concepts in the DWeb.

Workshop Trailer and P2P2P2Pp Workshop by Kyle Mock and Laurel Schwulst
Using Beaker Browser, the leaders take you through the steps of building a P2P website

Introduction to the Decentralized Web by Christina Bowen & John Light
In Bloom's monthly meetup, DWeb leaders explain the basics, from "what is DAT and Holochain?" to how do you govern in the DWeb?

DWeb design

Decentralization, off the shelf
A library of resources, assets, and patterns to support the design and development of better user-facing applications that are backed by decentralized architecture.

Simply Secure’s Knowledge Base
Best practices for designers, developers, or researchers hoping to build trustworthy and privacy-protecting technology.

Design Patterns for Decentralized Systems
What are the high-level patterns (in interfaces, workflows & writings) in decentralized and federated systems?

Get hands on!

Meshnet at DWeb Camp 2019
This website documents the design, build, and stewardship of the participatory mesh network at DWeb Camp 2019. It includes hardware inventories, design plans, and photographs. Invaluable to anyone hoping to build their own community-created mesh network.

Cryptoeconomics: An Introduction by Karl Floersch, Ethereum Foundation
This is a 20-minute introductory video to a more in-depth online course that Karl designed for the masses.

A free, open-source course on the fundamentals of Blockchain protocols with fast-paced lectures, coding assignments, and a community forum for questions and support.


Talks, Panels & Workshops from the Decentralized Web Summit 2018: Global Visions/Working Code

Talks, Panels, Lightning Rounds from the Decentralized Web Summit 2016: Locking the Web Open

Lightning Talks from DWeb Camp 2019

Regulation papers

EU Token Regulation Paper that aims to analyze the EU legal and regulatory framework applicable to token sales in Europe.

Position Paper on Decentralised Identity by INATBA Identity Working Group.

Maps of the Ecosystem

Mapping Decentralized Tech (2018)
Using a technology called Kumu.io, Christina Bowen and Robert Best invite Decentralized Tech projects and protocols to put themselves on the map, along with the network of projects they are working with.