The website team

Wendy Hanamura / project coordinator
Wendy coordinated the content, design, budget, tech and nodes for the website.
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Iryna Nezhynska / designer and website lead
Ira provided the creative direction for the DWeb visual design and coordinated website development.

Mai Ishikawa Sutton / content editor & DWeb principles steward
Mai produced and edited website content and co-led development of DWeb principles.

John Patrick Ryan / DWeb principles steward
John co-led development of DWeb principles.
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Mina Nagy Zaki / software developer
Mina helps with the website hosting and server setup.

Gerben / Decentralized tech team & editor
Gerben contributes by making the website decentralized across Hypercore & IPFS.
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It takes millions to build a movement and we aspire to harness that kind of energy and support around the world. We need talented organizers, writers, designers, and engineers to coordinate our collective efforts. Interested in being part of the team? We have a list of positions we're hoping to fill. Or tell us how you'd like to get involved by emailing us a dweb [at]

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